Knight Canyon


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over 30 Years

Mountain Lion & Bear Hunting

Colorado Mountain Lion season starts the day after the last Big Game Season ends (mid November) and ends March 31 of the following year. In the later spring when the snow leaves, we hunt off horseback or ATVs. We have a month long Bear season which stretches the whole month of September. It's a draw tag, where the spot and stock method is the only thing we can use to hunt. The success is very good due to the amount of bear we have. You can also buy a bear license in the same season you hunt Elk and Deer


Bobcat Hunting

Bobcat season starts December 1st and goes through the end of February.  Bobcats as well as Mountain Lion are easier to hunt in the fresh snow conditions, usually December and January. Bobcats are also run with hounds. These hunts with fine hounds are action packed, full of heart pounding adrenalin and are always great family fun.



There are four airports within a 2 hour drive of Norwood.  We can give you driving directions or pick you up at any of the airports. Accommodations are arranged as needed. Please contact us for additional information.