Knight Canyon


Guiding Hunters for

over 30 Years

Elk & Deer Hunting

Our Big Game season starts at the end of August starting with archery where we hunt different elevations based on snow levels. .Our black powder season usually starts in mid September and is a great time to hunt Elk. This time of year the leaves are changing and the Elk are bugling, starting their breeding season. The mule deer still have their velvet horns and it's just a great time of year to be hunting.


Hunting Packages

Fully guided hunt hunter to guide ratio is 2 to 1. Or we can customize any hunt to fit your needs. We can also pack out your taken big game in the San Juan and Uncompaghre National Forests. We have four rifle seasons starting in October and the last one starting in November. The first season is an Elk only season. The next three seasons are a combination season meaning you can hunt both Elk and Deer, these are the seasons you can buy that over the counter bear licence in G.M.U. 70. Just in case.



There are four airports within a 2 hour drive of Norwood.  We can give you driving directions or pick you up at any of the airports. Accommodations are arranged as needed. Please contact us for additional information.